How Property Developers Can Harness the Power of Data
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July 12, 2019 | 
How Property Developers Can Harness the Power of Data
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How Property Developers Can Harness the Power of Data

Big data has become ubiquitous, and it’s informing decisions across almost every industry. That doesn’t mean using it is easier. In commercial property development, like many other spheres, business leaders are coming to the same realization: Collecting big data is far easier than analyzing and using it to fuel progress.
Developers are right to aggressively pursue the insights offered by big data. They can identify and capitalize on trends or leave money on the table. However, the competitive nature of commercial development would suggest against the latter. The good news is that advancements in technology make analyzing big data easier than ever before.
Demystifying Big Data
Artificial intelligence, in particular, is helping developers analyze millions of data points that inform how well a location will do over time. With sophisticated software weighing risks and calculating potential returns, developers can spot investment opportunities with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before.
By relying on relatively affordable software instead of expensive third-party data analysts, developers can bring formerly outsourced roles in-house. With this change, leaders gain additional control over the data analysis process while saving large amounts of capital for reinvestment.
One of our clients recently approached SharePoint with a similar set of goals in mind. It was looking to increase employee productivity, secure and organize decades’ worth of on-premise data, and improve collaboration with clients. By incorporating smart data management tactics with intranet sites, we were able to help the client keep valuable data in one……

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