Initial Meeting

Our team will meet with you to discuss your project, goals, and identify ways we can assist you.


Depending on your goals and how you wish to achieve them, we will provide you with possible solutions for Propel to manage your project from start to finish.


Leveraging our experienced team and deep networks of vendors, we are working during this stage to give you an estimate on the drawings you submit.


We also take this time to review drawings and provide any value engineering ideas to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Once an estimate is established and you are ready to proceed, we will sign a contract and begin your project.


Often times, the most important part of the project happens before construction even begins. Our team will meet with all the stakeholders involved to discuss the project and set expectations.


Communication is critical for success and the team at Propel goes to great lengths to ensure clear channels of communication are established.


Once we develop a schedule that is shared with clients and sub-contractors, our central dispatch team will step in and manage the project.


This is a very important step to manage the project timeline and stay efficient throughout the construction process. Our investment in technology means we are able to keep everyone informed every step of the way.


We will handle permits at the local level and manage all construction related activities of your project. From pre-construction to the final certificate of occupancy, our team will drive results and deliver a product that we are proud to stand behind.


When you choose Propel Builders as your trusted construction partner, your project will be constructed to your complete satisfaction.